Meet Through Non-Verbal Communication.
Meet Through Non-Verbal Communication.
Convener : Benjamin
List of participants : Denise, Giuseppe, Tasha, Anya, Emelye, Elisabeta, Alice, Vanessa, Magda, Adil, Linda. Discussion and recommendations (important guideline : KISS [Keep It Simple, Stupid]) : Key words of non-verbal language :
  Movement, faces, attitudes, hand communication, body language, signals to promote another way to communicate.
  Language barriers.
  Assist the educator in teaching. Benjamin asks „What Interests you about this subject ?“
  Interest in how facial expressions express language.
  For use with special needs to aid communication.
  To help with the language barrier.
  To help with children when they are angry they close themselves up, want to understand what they are feeling.
  Help for educators to use non-verbal language as verbal language is so so enforced.
  To help aid communication due to not knowing English.
  Body language tells truth – if you are lying you can tell with your body.
  How body communicates signals that aren’t said with your body.
  Verbal communication as a way of hiding – as it is constructed so we have already prepared it, where as non-verbal is subconcious.
Play games – the group experienced how to use non-verbal communication in an artificial situation to experience sending and receiving signals in a real situation to understand how it works and experience it.
Conclusion/How we felt :
  Good to finally speak in a universal language.
  Can all particpate on an equal level.
  Spontaneous not forced body language, verbal is strict you have one opinion but body says another story.
  Can’t lie with your body.
  Good to have a view on how it feels to be on side of not being able to communicate – English as first language makes us lazy.
  Used as an aid for diagnosing group dynamics.
  Need to learn about body language for expression of thought.

Maj :24/02/2009
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